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Alcohol & Drugs Policy

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

For safety reasons, the following policies are applied for Jungle Boss tours:

  1. Jungle Boss DOES NOT provide and DOES NOT recommend using alcohol or drugs during our tours.
  2. Jungle Boss has the right to TERMINATE the tour immediately without a refund if customers are using alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited by Vietnamese law during tours.
  3. Alcohol use policies on Jungle Boss tours.

- Each customer is only allowed to use 250ml of wine or 660ml of beer on each trip.

- Alcohol is only allowed to be used at a campsite.

- Customers are responsible for any issue related to health, or safety occurred from using alcohol.

- For your safety, Jungle Boss has the right to immediately terminate the tour without refund in case (1) customers do not follow the alcohol & drugs policies issued by Jungle Boss; (2) Customers catch a serious problem occurring from using alcohol and drugs.