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Team Building

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Tour Overview

Unique & Different Team Building

Immerse your team in an unparalleled adventure amid the awe-inspiring jungles of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Jungle Boss Team building is a transformative journey marked by unique and challenging games, setting us apart from the conventional team building landscape in Vietnam. Escape the mundane and seize the extraordinary as your team engages in missions that demand collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie. Our jungle setting serves as the ultimate canvas for fostering teamwork, creating an atmosphere that is not only thrilling but also indelibly unforgettable.

Embrace a one-of-a-kind adventure with us – a promise to not only fortify your team's bonds but also create lasting memories of an exceptionally extraordinary experience. At Jungle Boss, we redefine team building, making it an immersive and thrilling escapade that transcends the ordinary, leaving an enduring mark on your team's collective journey.
There are different team building options from 1 day to multiple days. Leave us a request and we can help you tailor a unique Jungle Team building that suits your needs!  

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Designed Ideas

Explore Team Building Activities

Some ideal activities your team can check out

Trekking Challenges & Camping

Organize trekking routes of varying difficulty for teams to race and complete using teamwork and navigation skills. End with an overnight campout where groups collaborate to set up camp, cook over a fire, and bond over campfire games.

Cave Exploration

There are many amazing caves to explore in the park. Split teams up and have them navigate through a cave system together using flashlights and teamwork. Offer prizes for teams that make it through fastest or work best together.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Set up a series of challenging outdoor obstacles like rope climbs, balance beams, tire runs, etc. Split the team into smaller groups and have them race through the course. This promotes teamwork, communication and friendly competition.

Amazing Race

Model this after the TV show by creating a series of challenges and races that teams have to complete across your city. Have checkpoint stops where they get clues and have to problem solve together to find the next location.
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Start Your Journey At Jungle Boss Now!

Pricing for our team-building tours varies based on group size and tour duration. Additional fees apply for weekends and holidays. We kindly request that large groups book well in advance so we can fulfill your request and meet all needs.
To inquire further, please contact Jungle Boss Tours via email at or call one of our sales team members: