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Privacy & Cookie

Privacy & Cookie

Privacy & Cookie

I. Definitions

"Website" refers to the information system used to establish the electronic information page of the brand presented in the form of signs, numbers, letters, images, sounds, and other forms of information serving the provision and use of information on the internet. "Content on the Website" includes all information, data, documents, resources, texts, designs, graphics, interfaces, images, audio files, inventions, trademarks, trade names, Jungle Boss logos, products, services, business secrets, or other materials posted and/or created on the Website. All Content on the Website is legal property and belongs to the ownership of Jungle Boss. "Terms of Use" are the terms of use of the Website outlined here and posted on the Website. "User" refers to individuals and/or organizations accessing the Website to access and use the Content on the Website.

II. Intellectual Property Rights

1. The Website and Content on the Website are the property/copyright of the brand and/or third parties licensed to Jungle Boss, protected under the regulations of the Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam and related legal provisions. Users have no rights, demands, or interests related to the Content on the Website. Users agree not to make any statements or take any actions to establish, enforce rights, or request regarding the Content on the Website.

2. Except for cases: (i) specified in Section 1 of Section IV; or (ii) with prior written consent from Jungle Boss; or (iii) permitted by Vietnamese law, the following actions will be considered as infringing on the intellectual property rights of Jungle Boss, specifically:

- Any act of using, copying, reproducing, republishing, editing, storing, re-uploading, transmitting, distributing, renting, leasing, selling, or commercially exploiting any Content on the Website in any way; 

- Distributing, translating, modifying, decoding, creating derivative works, remixing Content on the Website in any way; - Other acts of intellectual property infringement under the Intellectual Property Law and related legal provisions.

III. Our rights

1. Change and/or terminate all or part of the Content on the Website without prior notice or provide any reasons for updated or supplemented content. 

2. Require Users to cease accessing the Website and/or using the Content on the Website in the following cases: a. Infringing on the intellectual property rights of Jungle Boss according to Section II of these Terms of Use; b. Using the Content on the Website in cases restricted or prohibited under Section IV of these Terms of Use.

3. Require Users to compensate for any arising damages (if any) in case Users violate the provisions of these Terms of Use.

IV. Rights and responsibilities of the user.

1. Use of Content on the Website (viewing, extracting content (printing, downloading, forwarding, etc.) or sharing with others) but only for personal/internal use and non-commercial purposes, with the condition of citing the source and keeping the link/URL to the Content on the Website intact. 

2. Ensure: (i) Compliance with the Terms of Use and the regulations of Vietnamese law related to accessing the Website and using the Content on the Website; (ii) Do not interfere, affect the access and use of the Content on the Website by other Users; (iii) Do not interfere with the operation and management of the brand's Website.

3. Terminate access to the Website and/or use of the Content on the Website in case the User does not agree with one or more or all of the Terms of Use.

V. Usage Restrictions

We do not accept the use of Content on the Website in any of the following cases:

1. Against the socialist regime of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

2. Infringing on the personal freedom rights of others; and/or insulting, defaming, or defaming others; and/or causing harm or disadvantage to others.

3. Disturbing public order.

4. Committing acts that violate Vietnamese law.

5. Distributing and disseminating third-party information without their consent.

6. Using Content on the Website for business and/or commercial purposes, including but not limited to contests, gambling, exchanges, advertising, or multi-level marketing without prior written consent from Jungle Boss.

7. Transmitting electronic files infected with viruses that may damage and/or disrupt the operation of other electronic devices.

8. Using robots, spiders, and/or any means to monitor and collect Content on the Website for any reuse purposes without prior written permission from Jungle Boss.

9. Using any devices, software, and/or any means to infringe or intentionally interfere with the activities of the Website.

10. Any unlawful and/or prohibited actions under Vietnamese law.

11. Actions that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Jungle Boss.

12. Any actions that Jungle Boss unilaterally deems inappropriate or negatively affect the brand.

VI. Cookies

1. We use the following cookies: Essential cookies. These cookies are necessary for the operation of our website by: 

- Allowing our web server to determine whether cookies are enabled or disabled in your browser. This allows us to determine whether data can be collected from your web browser; 

- Temporarily allowing you to transfer information between pages on our website to avoid having to re-enter that information; 

- Temporarily identifying your device after you have logged in to a secure page on our website so that our web server can maintain a dialogue with your browser or device for you to perform certain activities. 

- Functionality and preference cookies. 

- These cookies are used to recognize you and remember choices you have made in the past. 

2. We use these cookies to:

- Remember the choices you have made (such as User name, language, and your region) so you do not have to enter that information again when you return to our website;

- Personalize our content for you;

- Provide more accurate reporting.

3. Marketing Cookies.

These cookies track your online activities to help advertisers deliver more relevant ads or to limit how many times you see an ad. These cookies may share that information with other organizations or advertisers. These cookies may be placed on your device by us; or third parties on our behalf, including but not limited to Hubspot and Google; and we may share data stored in those cookies with third parties. 

- These cookies also include general-purpose spotlight tags, pixels, and SDKs. 

4. How do we use cookies?

We use these cookies and work with these third parties to use the information collected by these cookies:

- To learn about Users of the website, including User demographics and behaviors.