Safety is our top priority! Jungle Boss has been cooperating with cavers in other countries and Vietnamese cavers as well as authorized organizations to issue a scheme of safety gear installations and health check for customers who are participating the Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour. This scheme is approved by Quang Binh government.


1. For the first abseiling section

– Position 1 (30m of abseiling): We install 03 separate 11-mm-hard, strong ropes with rope protections around a huge stone column. In which, one is for the main abseiling rope; one is for safety line, and one for rescue rope. Each rope is connected to three anchors by karabiners.    

– Position 2 (30m of walking): We install 06 anchors (symbol A1, A2, A3, A4, and B10) to set up an transverse line where people can hook their cow tails while walking to be safe. There is also a natural walking path is built 

2. For the second abseiling section

We install 13 Petzl 12-mm-anchors in which 09 anchors are used to connect to the three ropes (main abseiling rope, safety line, and rescue rope), 4 anchors is for transverse line. All anchors are on hard rocks. All rope protections are installed. We also remove losing rocks in the area. 

3. For the third abseiling section

We install 9 Petzl 12-mm-anchors used to connect to the three ropes (main abseiling rope, safety line, and rescue rope), 4 anchors is for transverse line. All anchors are on hard rocks. All rope protections are installed.

 Rope set up


All safety gears such as ropes, harnesses, descenders, karabiners, anchors, hangers, helmets, head torches are internationally standardized. These gears will go through a strict maintenance and safety check process. Refer the following gears

+ Anchors: is made by Petzl in France, 12mm, weight force 2500kg, EN 795; Hilti glue HIT-RE500 V3 made in Germany, CE

+ Main abseiling and rescue ropes are made by Petzl in France, 11mm, EN1891. Safety line is made by Petzl, 10mm, EN1891.

+ Petzl karabiners: 2700kg, EN362

+ Petzl Stop Descender CE0082; Petzl Reverso EN15151

+ Petzl Superavanti CE Iso 9001; Petzl Panga EN 12492.

Please see more about our safety gears HERE

Rescue kits

Petzl descender

Petzl Superavanti sit harness





+ Safety re-briefing and gear check will be done by tour guides and caving experts before the abseil.

+ Safety assistant will access ropes and check all the rope set up, remove any risks before the clients abseil. The abseil is ONLY conducted after safety check and confirmation from safety assistant. The abseiling will be done one by one.

+ There will be one safety assistants at the start sections and the finish sections of each abseiling stage to assist and instruct tourists for safety

+ Tour guide will control the whole group until everyone is safe position.

+ There are always two ropes, abseiling rope and safety line connected to the tourist’s harness. The tourists will control the Stop descender by themselves while the safety assistant will belay them. There is also a rescue rope set up along for emergency access.

+ Everyone has to use cow tails while walking in the dangerous area.

+ Each abseil will take about 20 minutes then you will enjoy swimming in the Tiger cave.

+ All Jungle Boss safety staffs are well-trained in caving technique and rope rescue. The safety assistants always have access to the tourists at the quickest way to support or rescue.

+ All tours will be provide with medical kits

+ A rescue team is standby at the basecamp

+ Walkie talkie and satellite phone are along with the tours

See more about our safety training HERE

Start point before abseiling

Abseiling one by one

Caving expert checking on ropes

Safety training for Jungle Boss crew

Rescue training

Support tourists 


1. Who can join the Kong Collapse Top Adventure?

People are between 16 and 65 years old; pass the test given by Jungle Boss. This tour is not for people who have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, asthma, osteoarthritis, acrophobia, or nyctophobia.

2.Group size: 10 people maximum

3. Health check and caving technique training

– Tourists will be consulted carefully about the itineraries, activities and all related details before booking the tour.

– Tourists are requested to answer the following questions

Have you ever had cardiovascular disease?

Have you ever had high blood pressure?

Have you ever had Asthma?

Have you ever had osteoarthritis?

Have you ever had acrophobia?

Have you ever had nyctophobia?

Can you swim?

Do you have any trekking or caving experience? If yes, please list

Only qualified tourists are allowed to go on tour

– Tourists will do a health check at Jungle Boss Headquarter before departure.

 Tourists are also requested to sign the release before set off for the trek. Travel insurance can be applied if required

– Tourists will join the training on caving technique run by the safety team of Jungle Boss  

Caving technique training for tourists before departure

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