Since King Kong was born to the screen in the 30s, Kong has become a great figure as the king of the jungle. In the form of a giant gorilla, Kong appears wild and powerful in the middle of the vast primeval forest, as a symbol of the absolute domination of nature. The legend of Kong keeps making its mark in the hearts of fans like a monster of history, of the fairy tales that we pass around for generations. 

You may not believe it, but what if we guarantee you that Vietnam also has its own Kong?

Hidden in the darkness of the ancient jungle, nature has created a giant sinkhole that goes by the name “Kong Collapse”. Kong sinkhole was first encountered on accident, by British Royal expedition while swimming through the underground river in Tiger Cave. It was not until later, when other explorers checked their drone footage, did they suddenly discover a colossal sinkhole with a unique shape: two empty eye sockets and a gaping mouth. jagged, just like King Kong’s shaggy head. Captain Uy called the sinkhole by the name: Kong Collapse.

Legend has it that Kong Collapse used to be a large cave in the mountain. Experiencing many geological changes, the water in the cave has eroded the ceiling of the cave, leading to a hollower mountain and the thinning of the cave ceiling. Until one day, when the cave finally surrendered to time, the whole ceiling structure collapsed, creating the famous Kong Collapse sinkhole. The whole forest seemed to swallow the darkness of the cave, leaving only a blank cave floor covered by a giant green carpet .

As one of the first units to exploit Phong Nha cave system, and the exclusive operator of Kong Collapse, we are pleased to introduce to you a unique tour: Kong Collapse Top Adventure. After so many restless development efforts over the past 8 years, we are proud to claim Kong Collapse Top Adventure one of the most adventurous tours in Vietnam. So what is the basis of our beliefs?

Firstly, the tour route of Kong Collapse Top Adventure itself is an adventurous route with the highest difficulty. In 5 days and 4 nights on the journey to discover Kong Collapse, you will start transforming into Tarzan with 3 hours of walking through 23km of primeval mountains full of insects, thorns, poisonous leaves, or even forest leeches. Moreover, you will still have 7km of trekking in the rugged dark cave with countless stalactites and bumpy streams. In the endless darkness of Tiger Cave, visitors will feel as if they are lost in the wonderland – far away from human civilization. Stepping in the footsteps of our porters and guides, you will reach Pygmy Cave – the 4th largest cave in the world, where you will conquer the famous dinosaur spine. And yet, if these thrills are still not enough for you, let’s immerse in the underground river in the cave with us, and you will experience a 500m “blind paddling” in the pitch-black cold water. Finally, we will give you a 100m rope swing experience from Kong’s right eye, where you will feel like a real king kong. A whole route with many activities constantly challenging you like that, might be the one  you probably won’t find from anywhere else in Vietnam but from Jungle Boss.

Secondly, it will be difficult for anyone to create another Kong Collapse Top Adventure, because it was created by really special people. In order for The Kong Sinkhole Tour to be what it is now, there had to be the labor of professional native Porters. They are extremely healthy and knowledgeable people in the forest and caves with experience in the jungle from childhood up to now for decades. Only then will they be able to carry dozens of kilograms of luggage full of food and supplies for days on the trail, walk in the forest with the group, and take care of everyone’s safety. Under the direction of Captain Uy – the safety director and also the person who gave the sinkhole the name Ho Sut Kong – our Porter Team will cooperate with a wise guide to take you to your destination. . By ensuring maximum safety, the Ho Sut tour allows visitors to feel the truest of the deep, wild jungle, and be as adventurous as possible under control. It is an experience that will remain unique a long time before the second tour in Vietnam can compete.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, you deserve the best experience of Vietnam. If you need a luxury cruise and the most beautiful scenery, choose Ha Long Bay. If you need the most rustic tour, choose the south western rivers and swamp of Vietnam. If you need a tour imbued with ancient Vietnamese culture and history, choose Hue, Da Nang or Hoi An. And if you want an adventurous tour, let Jungle Boss show you what the end of adventure is with the Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour route.

Contact us today for further information about Kong Collapse Top Adventure – the best Adventure you can find in Vietnam 

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