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Do Quyen Minigame Policy

Do Quyen Minigame Policy

Do Quyen Minigame Policy


01 FREE SLOT in our Do Quyen Waterfall Top Adventure Conquering. Values 18.750.000VND


Participants must meet the following criterias:

2.1. Must be citizens of Vietnam or foreigners, aged between 16 and 65, with an active personal Facebook account, not a new account or an account created solely for the purpose of participating in this contest.

2.2. The participant's personal Facebook account and the accounts of the tagged friends must have complete profile pictures + cover photos and must have generated interactions in PUBLIC mode on the timeline in the last 3 weeks from the moment of verification.

2.3. Participants must NOT be employees or sales agents/travel agents of Jungle Boss Tours.


The program runs from 8PM, Feb 8th, 2024 to 8PM, Feb 22nd, 2024.


Join in with just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Like and follow the Jungle Boss Tours Fanpage at:

Step 2: Like or react to the minigame post

Step 3: Comment your answer in the comment section, tag 03 friends to participate. For example: [the answer] @a @b @c

Step 4: Share the post in the public mode.

Results will be announced at 9PM, Feb 22nd, 2024, on the Jungle Boss Tours Fanpage.


  • Participation is considered valid when directly commenting under the giveaway post of ROAD TO BACH MA - CONQUER THE LEGENDARY DO QUYEN WATERFALL on the Jungle Boss Tours Fanpage, and participants must complete all the program's requirements.

  • The most accurate and has the most likes/reactions response in the comments section of this post will win the prize from Jungle Boss Tours.

  • Each player can only comment once, and comments must include the answer and tag 03 friends. Subsequent comments will not be considered valid.

  • No limitation of comments to tag friends in order to enter the game.

  • If multiple accurate comments have the same level of interaction, the organizers will choose the response that was posted earliest.

  • Participants are not allowed to edit their comments during the contest.

  • Each participant will have the opportunity to win, only 1 participant will be eligible for the prize.

  • In the event that Jungle Boss Tours detects signs of cheating, prize hunting, or any actions that violate the program's regulations or affect the final fair results, the participant will be disqualified from the program without prior notice.

  • Participants are responsible for providing accurate and complete information, including full name, phone number, address, and a photo of their ID card or passport within 3 days (from the date the organizers contact the winner) for verification purposes. Any errors or misunderstandings in the information that lead to the prize not being delivered to the winner are not the responsibility of the organizers.

  • Participation in the giveaway implies that participants allow Jungle Boss Tours to use their images and participants’ information for brand promotion on various media channels without any fees.

  • Participants are obligated to read and understand the Terms & Conditions that the organizers have provided. The organizers are not responsible if participants violate the giveaway rules due to misunderstanding.

  • The organizers reserve the right to modify, change, and temporarily suspend the giveaway at any time before the giveaway ends, as well as the right to change the content, conditions, and prize structure without prior notice for objective reasons.

  • Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash, or sold.

  • The prize must be used within 1 year from the date of successful prize delivery.

  • Participants can contact the organizers by direct messaging or commenting with any questions on the Jungle Boss Tours Fanpage.

In case of disputes, the decision of Jungle Boss Tours is final.

Good luck to all participants!