Frequently asked questions

Jungle Boss offers tours with different levels. Each tour will have different itinerary, age and adventure levels.

Yes, you are. You will be equipped with life jacket. There is also a safety assistant to help you. Rubber boat is available on some overnight tours.

Please read cave swimming skills HERE for more information 

If you have caving, hiking, and camping experience it will be an advance. If you don’t, no worry. Jungle Boss will give you the best advice on choosing the right itinerary. There also safety assistant to help you while trekking or caving. 

If you join Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour, you will be required to train caving skill one day before departure with Jungle Boss crew.

The abseil of 7m in Pygmy cave is only applied for the hang Pygmy exploration 2 days 1 night tour and Tiger cave series adventure 3 days 2 nights tour. The Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour requires 100m of abseiling with three sections of 30m, 20m, and 50m   

It’s not neccessary as Jungle Boss will provide all safety gears and camping equipment. If you wish to have your own gears, please talk to our consultant team. Here is the list of gears that Jungle Boss will provide

The water level is different in each cave. The water in the caves that Jungle Boss is running tours is about 5m deep with the temperature between 18 to 22 Celsius.  

The dry season in Quang Binh is between March and September, while the rainy season is from October to February. Each season gives a different experience. 

The trail is better, the sky and water are clearer during the dry season, but the landscape looks fresher during the rainy season, and of course less humid. You also can see some waterfalls in the rainy season while hiking even inside the caves.

March and April are the best months of the year for hiking.

To minimize your backpack, Jungle Boss suggest what you should bring as follows:

– For 01 day tour: prepare a small backpack, 01 set of long pants and long-sleeved-shirt (recommend quick dry materials), 01 swimming suits, a towel, 01 pair of long socks, sun glasses, insect repellent. 

– For overnight tours: Please prepare a medium size backpack, one or two sets of long pants and long sleeved shirt (quick dry), swimming suits, from 01 to 03 sets of changing cloths, 02 pairs of long socks, 01 pair of sandal or flip-flops, sun glasses, insect repellent.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park contains a bio-diversity of eco-system. If lucky, you may see endangered primates like Ha Tinh langurs, Red-shanked Douc langurs, Gibbons, Lories, Maccaque, or even bear, wild boar, squirrel, civet or wild cats. Especially, there are millions of butterflies during the summer season.  

You have to be responsible to the environment. All illegal activities are forbidden. Do not separate from the group, do not jump on rocks or rotten trees, watch your steps, respect the local customs. Please read environment protection rules and survival rules here.

Yes, there are. we are in the middle of tropical jungle best place for leeches. However, don’t worry! please wear long socks and keep your pants inside the sock to help prevent from leeches. Jungle Boss also provide leeches spray which is very useful.

Jungle Boss provides a variety of food including rice, meat, vegetable, fish, eggs,…. There will be options for vegan, vegetarian, halal,…. You can bring some snacks during the trek. Please tell us if you have any special requirement

Yes. There are composting toilets at all campsites. Please talk to your tour guide for instructions.

Most of the campsites of Jungle Boss Tours are based by the river or near water, thus you can enjoy swimming. 

During the camping tours at Ma Da valley and Tra Ang valley, you will be camping by the Ma Da lake or Tra Ang river. The campsite at Kong Collapse is right at the bottom of Kong where the river of Tiger cave is, so you can go swimming as much as you want. The campsite in Pygmy cave is a bit far from the the water, you can walk about 200m to get to the swimming pool inside the cave. In case it rains, you can easily get shower right at the campsite.

No. all chemical shampoo or shower gels are not allowed in Jungle Boss tours. Please use the organic ones. Jungle Boss do provide organic soap.

Jungle Boss provide all camping equipment such as tents with two doors (sing tent or double tent), air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow. See more about the equipment here.

At Jungle Boss, we always stay on customer’s side to understand and give the best solutions at your best satisfaction with a flexible cancellation policies. Please find the detailed cancellations policies HERE

We understand that every year, hikers are struck by lightning. It often results in severe burns, cardiac arrest… or even death. Direct lightning strikes are quite exceptional, but indirect lightning strikes and their consequences are to be taken very seriously. We will first see how to try not to find yourself exposed to lightning, then what to do if you find yourself in the vicinity of it. 

A risk management process to avoid lightning during the tours is built by Jungle Boss experts. Please read carefully the instructions

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