Quang Binh has always been a land with harsh characteristics. In terms of topography, Quang Binh is strongly dissected as more than 85% of the terrain is mountainous, typically the area of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park with a system of limestone mountains and caves, accompanied by a huge coverage of evergreen tropical

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Since King Kong was born to the screen in the 30s, Kong has become a great figure as the king of the jungle. In the form of a giant gorilla, Kong appears wild and powerful in the middle of the vast primeval forest, as a symbol of the absolute domination of nature. The legend of

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10 reasons why you should go ‘Caving’ with Jungle Boss’s Warriors

Surely, Vietnam in the imagination of many people is the vast green rice fields, poetic and gentle. Vietnam is also an endless stream of people on endless highways, meandering between stacked buildings. But have you ever wondered, “is it the whole of Vietnam”? If you are not satisfied with mediocrity, suffocated by the hustle and

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Journey of bringing one of the largest cave to the world

Early 2017, hearing about Pygmy cave from Howard and Deb, the leaders of British Caving Research Association (BCRA), I was definitely thirsty for this amazing cave after seeing the photos. I talked to Howard and Deb about the story of this huge cave system.  Howard said “We found this cave system in 1997, 20 years

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