Environment protection rules

  1. No hunting 
  2. No cutting trees 
  3. No fire & explosives
  5. No stepping, no drawing, no touching on cave formations. Stealing cave formations is NOT allowed 
  6. No chemical soap & shampoo. Please use organic ones (ask Jungle Boss for organic soap)
  7. Only use composting toilet at camp

Survival rules

  1. Always trek in a group (Never trek alone)
  2. Trek slowly on a comfortable pace. This is NOT a race.
  3. Inform the tour guide of the group leader if you feel tired (don’t feel guilty)
  4. Do not trek before the leading person or after the last porter
  5. If you loose your way, be calm and return to the place that you saw the last person and send the rescue signal by “huuu”. There will be someone rescues you.
  6. Drink enough water. Do NOT drink too much
  7. Only drink treated or boiled water
  8. Do NOT take a long break while trekking
  9. Always wear safety gears. Please always check your safety gears and ask tour guide or safety assistant to check your gears before caving, abseiling or moving into dangerous area.
  10. Always make sure that you have at least 3 contacts while climbing.
  11. Do NOT jump on rocks or rotten trees
  12. Do NOT climb on rocks or stalagmites before consulting safety experts
  13. Watch your steps. Make sure the places where you put your feet or your hands are totally safe
  14. Always follow the located lines while walking in caves. Make sure that you can see others
  15. Please talk to your tour guide or group leader if you need help
  16. Explore responsibly 
  17. During the tours if you are caught in a thunderstorm please be calm and follow THESE PRECAUTIONS
  18. These useful swimming skill will help you out while exploring caves.
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