Clean up – A day for saving the environment

Addressing environmental problems has long been of paramount importance to the sustainable development of society. Especially, in popular tourist destinations, preserving the environment is always top priority of local people, organizations or travel agencies.

One Phong Nha is an independent organisation founded in 2018 that encourages and organises community and environmental activities in Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Vietnam. 

One Phong Nha was founded by locals and expats of Phong Nha with the vision to create a sustainable Phong Nha. Phong Nha borders the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Central Vietnam. Due to its majestic karst mountain range, unique cave systems and endemic species of fauna and flora, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage area. This is worth protecting.

Jungle Boss is one of local travel agencies who join in Clean-up day (December 2nd) was organised by One Phong Nha to conserve the environment and the scenery. On that day, there were 40 staffs of Jungle Boss team who took part in volunteer activities, we worked together because we understand clearly about the harm of pollution causing by numerous reasons.

Our main mission is gathering garbage, removing plastic and other types of waste along Son River and surrounding resident area. Unsurprisingly, the garbage collected in town cleanups tends to be plastic, part of a global plague of plastic waste that increasingly pollutes coastlines, rivers, as well as trails.

Work together and save the planet

As you can see, plastic in the natural environment is extremely harmful to wildlife and human. It clogs our waterways, contaminates food chains, traps and kills wild animals and pollutes the natural world.  This meaningful activity attracted not only local citizens but also foreign travellers who stayed in Phong Nha to take part in and put some small efforts to save our planet. In the end of day, 60 big bags of trash were collected and destroyed. That was so amazing!

The aim of Clean-up Day is not just to clean up the waste, but also to be an uncompromising eye-opener about the severity of the mismanaged waste crisis. On the other hand, by delivering the biggest experiential environmental lesson ever carried out on Earth, and this puts us a big step closer to start dealing with the root causes of it. We are extremely happy when we had chance to clean and raise awareness to create a sustainable future for Phong Nha community.       

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